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Termite Control Solutions


We offer the ADVANCE TBS termite baiting system. Your home is the single most important investment you will ever make. With superior termite control from the Advance Termite Bait System, you will never worry about costly termite damage again.
The traditional liquid chemical barrier option involves digging a trench around the exterior foundation of the home. It may also include invasive drilling into the foundation and floor structure of your home, and rolling back carpets to gain access; applying hundreds of gallons of chemical into your home environment and on your property.

A termite bait control system administered by professional termite pest control services, incorporating the Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS) with on-going monitoring, can achieve complete long-term elimination of multiple colonies near your home, without complicated, invasive and disruptive procedures.



The Advance Termite Bait System:

Southern Pest Management Termite Program

The Advance Termite Baiting System offers the best termite control
on duty for your home 24/7. > Provides fast, long-term bait station control.
Installation is quick, convenient, and non-intrusive.
ATBS revolutionary new active ingredient diflubenzuron is highly effective in eliminating multiple colonies.
Non-invasive bait stations are installed on the outside of the home, delivering termite pest control ingredients directly to the termites without introducing them into your home environment.



The Advance Termite Bait System offers these compelling advantages over chemical treatments:

Bait stations are installed around the outside perimeter of the home; one termite bait station for every 10 to 15-feet.
No drilling in the foundation or structure; no disruption of landscape.
Minimum environmental intrusion on family and pets; active ingredients are delivered by a secure termite bait station allowing access and delivery only to termites.
Eliminates multiple colonies in proximity of your home; traditional chemical methods only address parts of a colony within your home.